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X SOLD "Coffee Talk"

X SOLD "Coffee Talk"

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Hi! Welcome to my shop.


Each piece in my store is hand-painted, authentic, and unique original – art you won't find anywhere else. Every piece is made with high-quality and, importantly, eco-friendly materials that will make a precious addition to your home.

T H I S   A R T W O R K

Original Art made by hand, not a reproduction.

This piece was made by a Minnesota- based artist in coffee and pencil on aged watercolor paper. With meticulous skill and a touch of local flavor, this hand-drawn marvel unveils itself in layers of creativity.

The artist's journey began with a canvas steeped in the rich essence of coffee, where the bold strokes of a woman's form emerged from the depths of concentrated brew. A dance of shadows and light played out on this caffeine-infused canvas, giving rise to a silhouette that hints at mystery and allure.

Yet, the true magic unfolds as the artist delicately takes pencil to paper, each stroke accentuating the play of shades and defining lines that breathe life into the ethereal figure. The face remains veiled, a deliberate choice that invites the beholder to project their own interpretations onto this captivating creation.

This local artist's work stands as a testament to the unique and vibrant artistic community thriving in the heart of Minnesota. Through the marriage of coffee and pencil, a faceless yet alluring woman materializes, leaving an indelible mark on the canvas and the imagination of those fortunate enough to witness this visual poetry.

Size: 9.5 x 8 inches (imperfect edges make measurements approximate).

The artwork arrives dated and signed by the artist, Yana Bobyleva. The piece comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.


Artisan-grade graphite on paper. Finished with a professional matte spray varnish for additional UV light protection and color durability.


Every measure is taken to ensure your artwork arrives to you in perfect condition. Each artwork is placed inside a cello sleeve and backed by a backing board with a stiff cardboard backer and shipped using two layers of a custom-made double-wall cardboard box. Each piece is hand-wrapped with care and attention to detail to create a bespoke unwrapping experience.

For more behind the scenes, and just to stay connected:
IG, FB @bobyleva.artworks
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