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X SOLD "Sculpture Collection"

X SOLD "Sculpture Collection"

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Hi! Welcome to my shop.


Each piece in my store is hand-painted, authentic, and unique original – art you won't find anywhere else. Every piece is made with high-quality and, importantly, eco-friendly materials that will make a precious addition to your home.

T H I S    A R T W O R K

The painting is a loose and quick sketch created using ochre and light-brown watercolors on a high-quality watercolor paper. The focus of the painting is the iconic Venus de Milo sculpture, renowned for its timeless beauty and classical aesthetics.

The artist's brushstrokes capture the essence of the sculpture with a delicate touch. The ochre and light-brown hues blend together to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. The colors subtly highlight the contours and curves of Venus's body, accentuating her graceful posture.

The artist's loose style adds a sense of movement and spontaneity to the painting. The brushstrokes are visible, conveying the artist's energy and expressiveness. The lines are not perfectly defined, allowing the viewer's imagination to fill in the details and embrace the ethereal quality of the sculpture.

The watercolor paper provides a textured surface that enhances the overall visual appeal of the artwork. The painting's composition focuses primarily on Venus herself, omitting any distracting background elements. This composition draws the viewer's attention directly to the subject, inviting them to contemplate the timeless beauty and serenity of the Venus de Milo.

Overall, the watercolor painting of the Venus de Milo is a beautiful representation of the sculpture, capturing its essence in a loose and quick yet captivating manner. The combination of ochre and light-brown watercolors, along with the high-quality watercolor paper, creates an artwork that is both visually pleasing and evocative.

Original Art made by hand, not a reproduction.

Size: 9 x 12 inches.

The artwork arrives dated and signed by the artist, Yana Bobyleva. The piece comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.


Artisan-grade watercolor paint on a high-quality thick watercolor paper. Finished with a professional matte spray varnish for additional UV light protection and color durability.


Every measure is taken to ensure your artwork arrives to you in perfect condition. Each artwork is placed inside a cello sleeve and backed by a backing board with a stiff cardboard backer and shipped using two layers of a custom-made double-wall cardboard box. Each piece is hand-wrapped with care and attention to detail to create a bespoke unwrapping experience.

For more behind the scenes, and just to stay connected:
IG, FB @bobyleva.artworks
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