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"Still Life Series. Pear."

"Still Life Series. Pear."

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Each piece in my store is hand-painted, authentic, and unique original – art you won't find anywhere else. Every piece is made with high-quality and, importantly, eco-friendly materials that will make a precious addition to your home.

T H I S   A R T W O R K

This painting was created with acrylics on a petite stretched canvas. The artwork features a single pear as the central subject, set against a soothing blue-gray background.

The composition of the painting is thoughtfully balanced, with the pear placed slightly off-center, drawing the viewer's attention to its exquisite form. The pear is depicted with meticulous attention to detail, showcasing its curvaceous shape, smooth surface, and natural colors. The artist has employed delicate brushstrokes and subtle shading to capture the pear's texture, emphasizing its ripeness and inviting nature.

The background of the painting is painted in shades of blue-gray, creating a tranquil and serene atmosphere. The subtle variations in the background's hue and tone add depth and dimension to the overall composition, enhancing the pear's prominence.

Light plays a crucial role in this artwork, as the artist has skillfully depicted a soft, diffused light source that illuminates the pear from the side. This gentle lighting creates subtle highlights and shadows, further accentuating the pear's three-dimensional presence and enhancing its realism.

The use of acrylic paints lends a vibrant quality to the artwork, with rich colors that evoke a sense of freshness and vitality. The artist has chosen a harmonious color scheme, with cool tones dominating the background, allowing the warm hues of the pear to stand out and command attention.

Original Art made by hand, not a reproduction.

Size: 7 x 5 inches.

The artwork arrives dated and signed by the artist, Yana Bobyleva. The piece comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.


Artisan-grade non-toxic acrylic paint on a high-quality primed cotton canvas. Finished with a professional matte spray varnish for additional UV light protection and color durability.


Every measure is taken to ensure your artwork arrives to you in perfect condition. Each artwork is placed inside a cello sleeve and backed by a backing board with a stiff cardboard backer and shipped using two layers of a custom-made double-wall cardboard box. Each piece is hand-wrapped with care and attention to detail to create a bespoke unwrapping experience.

For more behind the scenes, and just to stay connected:
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