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"Tropics Collection"

"Tropics Collection"

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Hi! Welcome to my shop.


Each piece in my store is hand-painted, authentic, and unique original – art you won't find anywhere else. Every piece is made with high-quality and, importantly, eco-friendly materials that will make a precious addition to your home.

T H I S   A R T W O R K

This artwork transports viewers to a serene coastal landscape, embracing the essence of calmness and simplicity. The artist skillfully captures the beauty of a minimalistic coastal scene, suffused with a soothing ambiance that invites contemplation and relaxation.

At the heart of the composition stand tall and graceful palm trees, gently swaying in the warm coastal breeze. Their slender trunks and lush green fronds evoke a sense of tranquility, symbolizing resilience and harmony amidst the natural world. Their elongated shadows stretch across the soft sandy beach, enhancing the painting's overall depth and adding an extra layer of visual interest.

The color palette employed in the artwork reflects the tranquil atmosphere of the scene. The sky is bathed in warm hues of golden yellows, hinting at the approaching dusk and the imminent embrace of the evening. The artist skillfully merges warm light grays and blues to represent the coastal horizon, creating a subtle gradation of colors that adds depth and dimension to the composition. The interplay of light and shadow reveals the presence of gentle waves lapping against the shore, lending a sense of movement and life to the otherwise still scene.

The focal point of the artwork is undoubtedly the play of sunlight that dapples the landscape. The artist masterfully captures the luminosity and warmth of the sun, imbuing the canvas with a gentle radiance that envelops the surroundings. The interplay between light and shade enhances the peaceful ambiance, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in the momentary respite offered by this coastal oasis.

Original Art made by hand, not a reproduction.

Size: 20 x 24 x 1 inches.

The artwork arrives dated and signed by the artist, Yana Bobyleva. The piece comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.


Artisan-grade non-toxic oil paint on a high-quality primed cotton canvas. Finished with a professional satin varnish for additional UV light protection and color durability.


Every measure is taken to ensure your artwork arrives to you in perfect condition. Each artwork is placed inside a cello sleeve and backed by a backing board with a stiff cardboard backer and shipped using two layers of a custom-made double-wall cardboard box. Each piece is hand-wrapped with care and attention to detail to create a bespoke unwrapping experience.

For more behind the scenes, and just to stay connected:
IG, FB @bobyleva.artworks
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